Peter Huljich, Amani Gold’s Chairman closed to Klaus Eckof and Simon Maohuai Cong in a suspect bid to come back on board of AVZ Minerals Limited.

The former AVZ’s Director fired by shareholders is in a suspect bid to control its management. Closed to Klaus Eckoff and Simon Cong Maohuai, is he a leader, a Chinese’s puppet or Trojan horse to destroy AVZ Minerals Limited from the heart?


For days, critics of the Australian company AVZ Minerals Limited have been spreading incorrect and imaginary things on social media, and publishing fake news to disorient opinion and discredit the current management, according to which: AVZ Minerals ; shareholders are preparing for a crucial general meeting to be held on November 23. The objective of this meeting is to appoint three directors in order to restore the confidence of the Congolese government and all partners of the ‘’Manono lithium project’’.


According to sources close to AVZ Minerals Limited, this is direct and clumsy misinformation containing nonsense regarding the appointment of directors. This is not the case and it shows a total misunderstanding of the facts.

Indeed, there are three candidates whose names have been nominated to the Company for shareholder consideration presentation at the Annual General Meeting which is the right of the Company shareholder’s, although by no means does this constitute an Extraordinary resolution to elect new management of the Company.

In its official press release of September 6, 2023 on the ‘’AGM Date (Annual General Meeting) and Appointments of Directors’’, published with the authorization of the Board of Directors of AVZ Minerals Limited, it is clear that:

‘’In accordance with Registration Rule 3.13.1, AVZ Minerals Limited informs about the Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for November 23, 2023.

One of the items on the agenda of the AGM will be the election of Directors. In accordance with clause 14.3 of the Stock Exchange Rules, the Company informs that valid nominations for the position of Director must be received by the Company no later than Thursday, October 5, 2023.

The Company Articles of Association require that nominations be received in writing, signed by the nominee or a nominating shareholder and sent to the Company’s registered office no later than 5:00 pm (Perth time) on that date.

The Company informs that as of today, it has received applications from Peter Huljich (former Director of the Company), Michael Carrick and Ty Ludbrook, which have been submitted by Fat Tail Holdings Pty Ltd (an entity associated with Peter Huljich) which holds 0.14% of the issued share capital of the Company.

Further details regarding the matters to be reviewed at the AGM will be contained in a memorandum to be sent to Shareholders’’.


The election of Directors by AVZ Minerals Limited 21,000 shareholders is an item that occurs within the ordinary course of business at the Annual General Meeting, which requires a majority shareholder support to resolve the election of a Director.

What is unusual is Peter Huljich, a former Director who resigned last year amidst a backlash of shareholders revolt demanding his exit, has been nominated via a Company holding just 0.14% of AVZ shares which Huljich is associated with, leaving many AVZ shareholders unimpressed by his attempt to be reinstated. Some independent analysts think the man is a chinese’s puppet and a Trojan horse planning to destroy the company from its management, not a leader who can protect and defend the shareholders interests.


Contrary to false rumors and information, the current Management of the Company has no problem with Congolese decision-making officials (President of the Republic, Presidents of two chambers of parliament, Prime Minister, Heads of other national and provincial institutions including the Governor of the province of Tanganyika) with whom it maintains good relations in the context of affairs

defined by law.


Dathcom Mining’s shareholder disputes concern governance and compliance with laws and the joint venture agreement to which AVZ Minerals Limited is defending.


Peter Huljich bosses work against AVZ’s interests ennemies in DR Congo


Hujcjih is a Director of Amani Gold Limited that has undevelopped gold mining rights in the nothern part of DR Congo. He is very closed to Klaus Eckoff and Simon Cong, two former AVZ and Dathcom Mining Directors known in Manono and in the DRC mining sector for the very toxic role played against AVZ Minerals and Dathcom Mining interests since years.


Last year, Amani Gold Limited filed its Annual on Sep 30, 2022 for the period ending Jun 30, 2022. In this report its auditor, BDO LLP, gave an unqualified opinion expressing doubt that the company can continue as a going concern.


In March 09, 2023, Amani Gold Limited announced a number of changes to the board Klaus Eckhof has resigned as executive chairman of Amani Gold effective immediately. Amani Gold non-executive director Peter Huljich has been appointed to the position of non-executive chairman with no changes to current remuneration.


Eckhof will remain an advisor to assist the Company on operational and technical matters as they arise. He resigned also this year as Tantalex-Lithium Director, a company that wants unsuccessfully Manono Taillings from United Cominiere (UC).

The Company has appointed Conrad Karageorge to the Amani Gold board as managing director.


Before his resignation, Amani Gold Board of Directors was as following : Klaus Eckhof (Chairman), Antony (Tony) Truelove (Non-Executive Director), Fu Sheng (Non-Executive Director), Maohuai Cong (Non-Executive Director), Craig McPherson (Company Secretary).


A Trojan Horse in AVZ’s room


Amani Gold Limited is an Australia-based company, which is engaged in targeting exploration at its flagship project, the Giro Gold Project, located within Moto greenstone belt in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The Giro Gold Project comprises two permits covering approximately 497 square kilometers (kms2) in the Moto Greenstone Belt, DRC. The Giro Project is located 35 kilometers (kms) west of Randgold / Anglo Ashanti’s producing 16 million ounces (Moz) Kibali Mine and demonstrates the same geological setting as Kibali. The Giro Gold project includes Kebigada Deposit and Douze Match Deposit. The Giro Gold Project global resource exceeds three Moz gold; with the combined Indicated and Inferred Mineral Resource estimates for the Kebigada and Douze Match deposits.


According to the DR Congo’s government 2012 and 2014 official details available online, Giro Golfields Exploration is a JV between Sokimo (State Gold Company) and Amani Consulting managed by (Simon) Cong Maohuai with each one holding 35% and 65% shares.


Cong is a Zijin’s big supporter against AVZ’s interests in Dathcom Mining, his name is also related to the illegal and fraudulent transfer of Dathcom Mining permits to the chinese controled JVs YVEST and HYSEN before Nigel Ferguson start his mandate as Executive Director of AVZ.


Therefore, all is clear that Peter Huljich is working for Simon Cong Maohuai who backs Zijin against AVZ and whose company Dathomir works to disolve Dathcom Mining.


By Water-Water Maneno for LEADER and TOUS POUR LA RDC.


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